Our Goals: A Commitment to Being the Best Trash Service in the Area & Beyond

Our Goal: Simply, Good Customer Service

Pro Disposal & Recycling is a materials management company, and while the premise of our business is simple, our goals and responsibilities go well beyond just taking trash away from your home.

Pro Disposal is committed to upholding our reputation as the best trash service in the areas we serve. In simple terms, this means hauling waste while recycling what we can. We go above and beyond the standard expectations of a trash company, making it our purpose to educate our customers about strategies they can use to reduce their waste and their carbon footprint.

We are also committed to the community we live, work and enjoy time in working towards establishing strong relationships with people and businesses throughout the area.

Quite simply, our goal is to provide dependable, affordable waste services to those who live in the communities we serve, upholding a commitment to those individual on a professional and personal level while being conscious of protecting the environment as well.

Environmental consciousness is woven into all our business & service offerings as much as possible. Were constantly discussing ways to improve our recycling efforts, our own waste output, ways to better manage landfills and how changing local, state and national regulations can impact our business.

We embrace a business culture of honestly and make a conscious effort to educate our customers and the community at large about what happens to your waste when its taken away whether it ends up in a landfill, sees new life as a recycled product or is taken to some other destination.

In our business, regulations dictate how we provide services to customers and how much they cost.

Pro Disposals transparency means an all-inclusive pricing model with no surcharges or add-ons. As with any service that works in accordance with regulatory changes, there may be times when the pricing of our services needs to be updated. In these rare instances, we believe our customers have the right to know why, and provide as much information as possible to help customers understand how these issues may affect them so they can make informed consumer decisions.

In summary, the goals of Pro Disposal & Recycling are to:

  • Provide affordable waste services with transparent pricing
  • Get to know those we serve on a personal level
  • Provide the best trash service in the industry going as far as returning waste baskets to our customers garage area on pickup day
  • Protect the environment by reducing our own carbon footprint and educating our customers on ways to reduce their own waste

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Yearly trash hauled:

124,483,944 pounds

Yearly recycling hauled:

13,940,040 pounds

Each customer yearly trash:

3,306 pounds

Customer yearly recycling:

725 pounds