Pro Disposal Testimonials

It’s our mission to be the best trash service in the area, performing our service with integrity, accountability, and safety. We are proud to share these testimonials addressing those areas of our mission statement.


“I am very pleased with your service over the many years and continue to recommend Pro Disposal.” – Bob

“My drivers are timely, thorough, and always consistently replaces my cans where they can’t blow away. I’ve been doing substantial construction this year and have had both an excess of waste and sometimes messy stuff. They have been ROCKSTARS! LOVE them and your service.” – Jennifer

“You guys do such a great job we are always impressed with the service you provide! Thank you!” – Paul

“I went to walk my dog and noticed that the truck had just passed by my driveway. He saw me walk back to my house and turned around and asked if I would like to throw my trash out. I fully expected to have to wait until the next week to get my trash picked up. This driver went above and beyond. It was much appreciated!” – Andrew

“I never loved a trash collection service before, but I have certainly hated some of my past ones. You guys are the best, keep it up.” – Bryan

“This morning I was slow getting my trash out and the driver stopped, looked around and drove off. I hustled to drag the trash bags out of the garage to the curb and then drove around the neighborhood attempting to find the Pro Disposal truck to ask the driver to swing back around. I didn’t find the truck, but when I got back home, the bags were gone. Your driver circled back on his own to get our trash. That’s EXCELLENT SERVICE. Thanks!” – Paul

“We’ve had Pro Disposal for nearly 10 years and think you all are great!” – Lance


“Always on time, willing to help with the occasional oddball junk and they put my bins back on the curb neatly. Yes, it matters!!” – Jeff


“I especially appreciate how Pro Disposal is careful driving through our neighborhood with all the kids out on their bikes in the summer. We have some companies that fly throughout little streets and are not careful with going up onto sidewalks.” – Bethany

“When they picked up our trash today – a rather large load, some thick glass broke on the street. Without hesitation, the crew cleaned up the broken glass right away. I truly appreciate that they did not just leave the broken glass lying there in the street. This is a wonderful reflection of fantastic service.” – Stephen


“I watched the Pro Disposal men pick up trash next door and I was so impressed that they picked up the trash that split open and made sure the area was cleaned up and then returned the trash cans up to the house. Our current provider is constantly leaving spills and trash all over our street. I’m so impressed by the professionalism of your guys that I’m definitely interested in switching. People are watching and taking notice of your actions and that’s giving you new business.” – Christine

“My trash man who picks up my trash as well as my dad’s trash is amazing! He works hard and fast, yet he always takes a minute to wave when he sees people.” – Jenn

“My 1-year old loves to watch the trash trucks drive by. Our trash service is the only one that waves to us and tells us to have a good day. He is the only driver I have seen do this and we have watched a lot of other trash trucks. Most drivers from other companies are on their phones and not paying attention. We are very happy to have Pro Disposal as our trash service – both for the wonderful employees and the great service. Thank you!” – Sydney

“I want to express my appreciation to the driver who gave me the extra minutes I needed to get my trash together this morning (I thought today was Wednesday instead of Tuesday).” – Rolf

Follow Through

“Just wanted to send a THANK YOU to my driver. I called for a ‘special’ pickup on my service day and he came BACK and picked up all the extra “crap” I had. He was very friendly and efficient – so, thanks for having great employees!!” – Lynette

“Yesterday, due to high winds and several neighbors not properly securing their trash, quite a bit of trash was being blown around our neighborhood. The Pro Disposal driver went around the neighborhood, picking up quite a bit of trash that blew into my yard. He went around and picked up almost every piece of trash. This is something I have never seen before and the employee certainly deserves some recognition.” – Shawn