GrassCycle: Its the Right Thing to Do

Along with the city of Denver, Pro Disposal encourages all customers to lose the bag and leave their grass clippings in the lawn to help cut down on the amount of materials filling our landfills and protect the environment while saving time and money.

What is GrassCycling?

GrassCycling is simply the practice of mowing your lawn without bagging your grass clippings. When you leave your clippings behind, your lawn benefits by receiving the nutrients and water it needs to survive the Colorado summer. Along with reducing your waste, youll also improve the appearance of your lawn.

GrassCycling does not require any special equipment*, and can be done with any type of mower. To start grasscycling, simply remove your mower collection bag to allow clipping to drop onto the lawn.

*If your mower does not have a safety flap a retrofit kit can be purchased at your local hardware store to ensure safe grasscycling.

Benefits of GrassCyling

Starting with a dry lawn, give grasscycling a try! Grasscycling:

Makes Less Trash

37% of trash in Denver is from yard waste that accumulates during the growing season. By grasscycling, Pro Disposal customers can help significantly cut down on the amount of trash filling our landfills.

Saves Money

Grasscyling can save you a trip to the hardware store and cut down on your utility bills, by replenishing nutrients & water in your lawn thus reducing the need for watering & fertilizer. It can also save you on your trash bill, as Pro Disposal wont have to spend as much to collect, haul and eliminate grass clippings.

Makes Your Lawn Healthier

Lawn clippings break down slowly, releasing nutrients like nitrogen back into the soil below.

Saves Water

80% of grass clippings are made up of water so youll have to water less.

Reduces Your Work

Think of all the things you would rather be doing besides taking care of your lawn. GrassCycling reduce your time spent raking, bagging, and disposing of clippings.

Reduces Greenhouse Gases

Burying grass clippings produces methane, a greenhouse gas 21xs more potent in its heat trapping capabilities than carbon dioxide.

GrassCycling Tips

For the best grasscycling results make sure to:

  • Only mow your lawn when it is dry
  • Maintain sharp mower blades
  • Follow the 1/3 rule; mowing your lawn so only 1/3 of the length is left in grass clippings on the lawn. Healthy lawns are mowed to a height of 2 to 3 inches.