Local Recycling Services

Pro Disposal is a local recycling company you can count on, and makes recycling easy, offering the most comprehensive single-stream recycling program in the Denver metro area.

Recycling is one of the most important things we should all do to help maintain the health of our environment. At Pro Disposal, we realize that people live busy lives and it may seem easier to just throw out recyclable items with your regular trash.

For these reasons, we have designed our residential recycling services to be as affordable and easy as possible to help make our communities greener and healthier.

Single Stream Recycling Services

With Pro Disposal recycling services, you never have to sort again. Simply place all your recyclable products together in a single container and let our recycling plant do the rest! Please do not line your recycling bin with a trash or plastic bag, as these cannot be processed. See all our recycling Do’s and Don’ts

Convenient Recycling Pickup

Theres no need to ever drop recyclable products off at a facility again. Pro Disposal recycling pickup occurs every other week on your normal trash day, and as with our Elite Pro Trash Service, we go the extra mile to return empty bins to your garage or storage area. Visit our online calendar or contact our office to find the recycling schedule for your community.

Use Your Own Container for Recycling Pick Up

Pro Disposal customers have the freedom to use their own carts or containers for recycling pickup. 96-gallon recycling containers are also available for purchase from Pro Disposal. Contact us today to purchase a bin.

Make Recycling Part of Your Routine with Pro Disposal

As a local recycling company, we are committed to maintaining the beauty of our communities and simplifying the lives of our customers.

Contact us today to add affordable & convenient recycling services from Pro Disposal to your Elite Pro Trash service. Not a Pro Disposal customer? Get more information on all our residential services.

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