Prepare Your Recyclables

With Pro Disposal, its easy to make recycling part of your daily routine! With our single-stream recycling solutions, you dont need to sort your recyclables, but there are a few recycling guidelines to follow while doing your part to protect the environment. Properly preparing your recyclables ensures our processing facility remains efficient and helps control your recycling costs.

Know What You Can Recycle!

Not everything is recyclable, and we don’t accept everything that could possibly be recycled. For example, electronics recycling is a completely different process from household recycling and is handled by specialized companies. Most papers, plastics and aluminum products are accepted by Pro Disposal. Read our complete list of Whats Recyclable and Whats Not before preparing your recyclables.

Rinse Out Containers

All recyclables should be clean when they enter processing. Containers dont need to look brand new, but should be cleaned of any excess materials before they are recycled. Rinse yogurt containers, milk jugs, tomato sauce jars, etc. before putting them in your bin to ensure they are accepted. Many recycling plants wont take materials that are dirty from leftover food because of the added expense.

Make Sure Your Recyclables Are Dry

Just as recyclables should not contain leftover food, they should neither be wet when they enter the recycling process. Only dry materials can be recycled. Be mindful of wet paper, cardboard, cans, glasses and other materials.

Flatten and Crush Recyclables

Prepare your recyclables by flattening corrugated cardboard boxes and crushing aluminum cans. This allows you to make more room in your recycling bin. Pro Disposal picks up recycling every-other-week, and thus if you go through a large quantity of recyclable materials in a single week, youll still be able to recycle everything!

Dont Mix Plastic Bags With Recycling

Its easy to bundle your recyclables into a plastic bag before placing them in your recycling bin, but do not let your recyclables go to the curb in a plastic bag. Always put recycled materials directly in your bin and if you must use plastic bags please, dispose of them before taking your recyclables to the curb. Plastic bags are recyclable; but require different processing equipment than that of many curbside programs including Pro Disposals. Our equipment does not process plastic bags. Most area grocery stores have special collection bins for recycling plastic bags.

Take It To The Curb!

The most important part of preparing your recyclables is of course, letting us do most of the work. Pro Disposals single-stream processing center does not require you to discard plastic lids, caps or paper labels from recyclable materials. Recycling is collected every other week on your normal trash day. Not a recycling customer? Sign up today or see your personalized recycling schedule.